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Mero Vidya is an advanced cloud based ERP system. A complete school/college management system. It simplifies & automates the day-to-day academic & administrative to manage admission, staff, student, parents, account, payroll, staff/teacher activities etc.

Apart from school management, Mero Vidya also provides E-Learning platform which includes online video class, exam, library, homework & check, result publish & other related features. Acceptable for any educational institute from montessori to higher studies like college, university.


WHY Choose Us

MERO VIDYA creates and provides complete school information solutions for every eduactional institutes.
Some Straight forward reasons why MEROVIDYA is the most preferred School Management System.

Easy To Use

MERO VIDYA is an effortless ready to use solution with no installation. An easy to use interactive web and mobile based application to enrich each user with great user experience.

Cost Effective

MERO VIDYA is designed focusing on smallest to largest academic bodies. We are providing it at affordable price as per institute requirements. Only pay for what you use. Our economical packages are ready to address your needs


If the standard version of MERO VIDYA is not able to address your requirements, we can help you to customize the product as per your needs. Our experts are ready to help you on additional features. We are always there for you.

Secure Access

The secure access portal allows admin, staff, parents and students to access with unique ID and password. Access to systems is granted on a user-by-user basis and only those features that a user has permission to access will be displayed.

Data Backup

MERO VIDYA is a solution, based on cloud technology. So no need to be afraid anymore if your hard drive crash or pc breakdown or get stolen. Your data is always safe on online cloud, login from any other computer and have access to your complete data.

Data Privacy

At MERO VIDYA school staff, parents and students data is fully protected and not shared. Each staff, parent and student can only access his/her own account with unique ID and password without knowing others information. Privacy is fully respected.

24/7 Support

MERO VIDYA service support team is always there to resolve any problem you face or any product related question you have in your mind. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal.

Single Package

You don't have to worry about choosing between different price plans, we have a single plan for everything. Every feature available in a single price.

Graphical Analysis

MERO VIDYA Software provides multiple graphical analysis view like student exam performance, student class ranking versus top students and class average, attendance view etc and many more like that in very attractive & visual management way.

Professional Developers

At MERO VIDYA we have a team of expert, experienced, innovative and dynamic developers, who are always eager to convert your needs in smart and effective solution.

Frequent New Features

We are never stopping our journey. Quite frequently we are adding new features and modules for web & mobile app. We promise to keep you most modern with our features.

Easy Exit Plan

We don't close your account even if you don't want to continue, so no need to worry about previous year's data.

Secure Payment Gateway

Worry less about security with more than 150 fraud rules making it one of the highest level of protection in industry. We accept major payment methods including credit and debit cards, Paypal, E-Sewa, Khalti, Connect-IPS etc.


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Mero Vidya is an advanced cloud based ERP system,
that simplifies & automates the day-to-day academic & administrative activities. Acceptable for any educational institute, montessori, school, college and university.

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